{*NOTICE!!} This part of interview was done with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. However, I only translated Kyuhyun’s parts because the magazine images are from Kyuhyun’s fansite and they are more Kyuhyun focused. Ryeowook also answered some of these questions but his parts aren’t…

Sungmin trying to lower Donghae’s seat 

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Title: I’ve Got a Fever (and the Cure is More Darren Criss)

Author: thentheyhadsex

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Chris is sick. Chris is totally, unequivocally, completely sick. It’s a good thing that he’s got four days off from filming, and apparently, Darren volunteering to be his…


 : This is Singapore .. For them to perform better tomorrow and the day after(,) I’m giving singing lessons to my two dongsaengs ~~ ㅋㅋ

 : Just so you know(,) (this) photo (is taken) by SIWON. This photo shows a lot~^^


@shfly3424: 2 dongsaengs who are forever going to be little to me, may your japan tour be daebak-ing. I miss you-ing ^^ (c)

: isn’t this from when I was teaching hyung how to sing?(c)

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Even Kyuhyun gets embarrassed by his own intro script….


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[FANACCOUNT/ D&E concert Nagoya day 2] Donghae said he was hot and asked if he can take off his clothes. Then he tried to remove his belt. Hyukjae said, “Should I do it for you?” and proceeded to take off Donghae’s belt but Donghae shoved him away XD
cr 日本菲菲/@hyukarmpits


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kangin just can’t handle with your shit you anymore donghae.


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Super Junior’s teamwork?

hee hee

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