Super Idol Chart Show - Episode 18 // TOP 9 Best Dances!

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The Dilemma of being the shortest 

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he’s not one to go down alone… [x]

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ryeowook and the broccoli. 

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Wook: Want to say something to girl you liked in high school? Min: I didn’t like any girl. Wook: Guy you liked works too.



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clingy maknaes >.<

must be so nice to backhug that Mimi body… >_<
Also, I love how Mi was just chill about Wook untucking his shirt… He didn’t even react and just tuckked it back in after, still with that silly smile on his face.

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Ryeowook’s reaction upon hearing his Eomma’s voice on Sukira

[140620] Message from Ryeowook’s Mother: 
Ryeowook-ah, it’s your mom.
Your mother is always sorry that she cannot make you seaweed soup on your birthday. Even though I only have one child, Ryeowook-ee.
you were always in mom and dad’s embrace; and it’s been almost 10 years now since you left (it).
Our son, tomorrow is already your birthday. Happy birthday. It’s also been a while that I’ve only congratulated you through words right?
It still troubles my heart that you’ve left mom’s embrace so early by debuting as a singer in such a young age.
I’m always sorry, and sometimes I would think of you and feel troubled.
Every time your mom and dad felt this way, we thought of when you were young and missed you.
We were always sorry that there were many things we weren’t able to give to our Ryeowook-ee.. But our Ryeowook-ee grew up brightly and well.
As long as your stomach was full, you played well; and you were a very pretty son when you sang and danced for mom and dad.
Because that pretty son gave mom and dad comfort, all the family is doing well. Son! I am thankful and thank you. Mom and dad won’t forget it. The reason why we are living well is also because of our son’s strength.
Son, since you’ve achieved things you’ve wanted to do, I hope you’ll be able to achieve other goals as well and live well. Only thing your mom and dad want from you is that you do activities well while following rules that should be followed. Make sure you eat your meals well, and continue to be cool and well. 
Your mom and dad will always watch over you. Love you, and happy birthday our son (cr.NKSubs)

Secret photos from 140422 D&E Japan Tour Tokyo
Donghae Eunhyuk Kyuhyun Ryeowook holiday pics in Germany part 1
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Secret photos from 140422 D&E Japan Tour Tokyo
Donghae Eunhyuk Kyuhyun Ryeowook holiday pics in Germany part 2
cr : 花花_1106 

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